This USB Drive would kill your PCs with a shock of 220V

We all know that USB ports have their vulnerabilities, and they can be exploited in several ways to siphon off data, compromise systems and more. But we have never seen them exploited in this way, in a way that can pretty much destroy any computer.

We are talking about USB Killer 2.0, made by a researcher named Dark Purple 2.0. It essentially uses the power from the USB ports to power up its capacitors, and once that is done, it repays the favor with a jolting 220V shock that can fry any motherboard, and just about anything connected to it (The hard drive has chances of survival, though).

Now you may notice 2.0 affixed to the name, and that is because the first iteration is already out there. It gives a comparatively milder but still deadly 110V shock.

This can certainly be damaging, and such a device masquerading as a harmless pendrive is certainly ingenious and dangerous.

What do you think?


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