Report: Amazon is making an Augmented Reality Headset


Amazon is primarily an eCommerce company, and over the last few years, it has been diversifying its business and has added streaming services and more over the years.

One of the more interesting Amazon division is its hardware division, which has given us the Kindle, the Fire TV and even the tanking Fire Phone.

Now, Recode has spotted a patent by Amazon for an augmented reality headset that works like HoloLens. However, unlike HoloLens, which has its own processing unit, Amazon’s augmented reality setup would involve outsourcing the processing to another device like your phone.

It is said to have a two display design, with one remaining transparent all the time. A tap on the button removes the transparency and makes it all much more impressive.

Of course, given Amazon’s business interests, this AR Headset would be way to get consumers to shop more online.

Also, this is just a patent and nothing in the way of an official product has been revealed. What do you think? Can Amazon hit this one out of the park?


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