Report: ASUS may partner with Microsoft for its own HoloLens


Microsoft is taking the path of an innovator and a leader this year, and instead of following in its competitors’ footsteps, it is paving the path for everyone.

For instance, its Surface line of convertible tablets inspired the iPad Pro and the Pixel C. Now, its HoloLens is starting to inspire others in the hardware market, especially ASUS.

According to CNET, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Windows, Terry Myerson is in discussions with ASUS’ CEO Jonney Shih regarding ASUS as a hardware partner for the HoloLens.

Both have confirmed that discussions are ongoing, but they have warned that the possibilities are still being explored and a concrete strategy hasn’t been thought of yet.

ASUS’ hardware expertise along with Microsoft’s technical knowhow could come together to create a cheaper, more accessible HoloLens that would reach consumers faster.

ASUS may also use the HoloLens as a reference design for its own Augmented Reality Headset. Microsoft is open  with both ideas, and says: “Everything we’re doing in hardware, we do with the mind of how do we grow the Windows ecosystem,” Myerson said. “That is why we’re investing to create a category.””


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