Apple patents retractable-tab mechanism to prevent broken iPhone screens

Apple patent

Apple’s iPhones are known to be thin and fast, but they were never known to be durable. A slip from the hand could mean  certain doom for the phone’s display, which is why Apple is patenting a new mechanism that can potentially prevent phone damage in most cases.

We have tried changing the material of the glass covering the display itself, and while Gorilla Glass is effective in keeping out scratches, it is useless when it falls. It would break almost as easily as any other glass, and this is even more true for Sapphire Glass.

Now, Apple is trying to reduce the damage the display would experience by patenting a new phone design with retractable motorized flaps around the display. Basically, the sensors know when the device is falling, and the flaps extend fully. This means that much of the damage is absorbed by these flaps, and only some damage is passed on to the actual display.

We may see this technology being deployed on future iPhones (Perhaps even the iPhone 7), and would know then whether this is actually effective or not.

What do you thiknk? Can this little innovation prevent display damage?


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