Google brings game livestreaming support to Android

Livestreaming is the latest online video revolution. More specifically, videogame livestreaming is rapidly growing into a large industry, with more and more people tuning in everyday to livestreams from their favorite players.

Indeed, videogame livestreaming has lead to Twitch becoming one of the most popular websites, and a testament to its popularity can be found in the fact that Twitch was acquired by Amazon for a whopping $1 billion, and now Google has launched YouTube Gaming, which is Google’s comeback to Twitch.

Unlike Twitch, which is mostly an independent company, Google owns many of the world’s most popular information pipelines. This means that it has accumulated a large audience, and any product it launches can become massive successes with little effort.

Google has launched videogame livestreaming support to Google Play Games.. You just open a game from Google Play Games and start recording, and you are good to go. You can even simultaneously record from your front camera, providing running commentary.Then, once you are satisfied, you can do some basic editing and then upload to YouTube.

Google is also releasing a SDK in the hopes that developers would integrate this feature into their apps. It is launching only in the US and UK for now, while releases in other countries are in the words.

What do you think? Can Google use its large reach to help increase YouTube Gaming’ audience?


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