Facebook optimizes advertising for slower connections


Facebook has pretty much fully saturated the developed part of the world, and is now targeting developing countries: The countries where people are experiencing the Internet for the first time, and the countries that would prove to be the major sources of growth for Facebook, or just about any other technological company. These are the countries that Facebook terms the ‘next billion’, and rightly so.

Earlier, Facebook released a stripped-down version of Facebook that  ran fast on slower connections found in these countries, and later it started rolling out the Internet.org program to get more people online.

Now it is working on optimizing its advertisement sets for this new audience, which doesn’t have the speed to handle video advertising (Which is the most effective advertising option). Now, Facebook is creating a new advertisement type that steps up from images but takes lesser bandwidth than videos. It is essentially the step between an image and a video, and is more akin to a slideshow. These slideshows can last upto 15 seconds, and don’t have sound,

While they aren’t as effective as videos, they still can elicit more engagement than images. These advertisements dynamically adjust to the screen-size of the device.

What do you think? Is this an effective form of advertising?


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