Report: Apple is making a 4-inch iPhone

The smartphone market is no longer a smartphone market. It is more akin to a phablet market, with almost every phone being 5 inches or larger when it comes to the display size. It is extremely difficult to find phones under 5 inches, and practically impossible to find a phone smaller than 4.5 inches. Moreover, the phones under 5 inches are usually inferior.

For long, Apple had been one company that religiously made phones that were less than 5 inches in size, and more optimized for one-hand use. Seeing its phablet rivals being appreciated by consumers, Apple alienated its consumer base by increasing the display sizes of its iPhones. While the iPhone 6 was manageable, it still didn’t have the same feel in hand as the iPhone 5s.


While Apple brought in millions of new customers from China who liked larger displays, it also alienated its core userbase. Now, Mi Chung Ko, an industry-leading analyst, is claiming that Apple would announce a smaller 4 inch iPhone early next year, and while it would lack features like 3D Touch, it may have the same or better chipset as the iPhone 6s.

It would have a aluminum design, and not a plastic design like the iPhone 5c. It would be running iOS 9, which is Apple’s latest and greatest mobile OS.

Apple making a 4 inch smartphone is extremely likely, and will help Apple to bring back its core userbase. What do you think? Is a 4 inch phone still useful nowadays?

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