Huawei’s new battery can be fully charged within minutes

Huawei battery smartphone

Batteries. The one weak-point in modern consumer electronics, and while all other aspects have moved forward, battery technology is still dated. As they say, the system is as strong as its weakest point, and batteries are really dragging us down.

Increasing capacities and researching new technologies that seemingly never come to fruition, we have done it all. Over the past few years, fast-charging has become more common, and now we can charge up to a set percent within seconds/minutes, while the rest takes hours. But these techniques actually prove detrimental to the battery’s longevity. It seems Huawei has found a solution, as it unveiled its latest developments in battery-technology.

With some tweaks to the current lithium-ion battery technology (Involving the bonding of graphite atoms), Huawei has created batteries that charge upto 10 times faster than conventional solutions, while not affecting the longevity or capacity of the battery.  In fact, Huawei’s prototype 3000mAh battery charged to 50% in five minutes.

However, the prototypes are still very large, and are in no way portable. It would take some time to shrink the tech down and integrate it into smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. What do you think? When do you expect this battery-technology to hit the market?


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