The race to the bottom: LG’s new phone costs only $10


According to a general theory about technology adoption,  at the beginning the technology is prohibitively expensive and only early-adopters  buy it. Later, with developments in the manufacturing side, the price comes down, and over time, it drops so low that almost everyone can afford the technology.

It seems smartphones are close to reaching the point where they are affordable for everyone, with manufacturers releasing cheaper and better phones in the infamous “race to the bottom” due to the intense competition in the smartphone industry.

Now, Walmart is selling a $10 phone. More specifically, two variants of a $10 phone: The LG Sunrise and the LG Lucky. For the price, you get a quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz, a 3MP camera and 4GB internal storage, which is expandable via microSD card.

The display is  a 3.8 inch one with a resolution of 480×320 pixels. Everything is powered by a 1540mAh battery.

It is really amazing to see an Android phone at such a low price, What do you think? Will we see more such phones on the market?


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