Apple announces the official Apple Watch charging dock

The Apple Watch is a bit of an enigma. You can buy the entry-level model for $350, but the price ceiling is set at $17,000. The price gap is mindbogglingly large, and for the price, you would expect the $17,000 one to shoot lasers, have a holographic screen and what not, but the innards are the same as the $350 variant. Apple is just stuffing the same innards in different enclosures, and is expecting everyone to pay for the privilege of having their Apple Watch in a different material. And surprisingly, it is working, with the most premium models being sold out.

Now if you did buy one of the top Apple Watch variants(Hey, we are not judging), you sure don’t want to charge your $17000 watch with a simple cable. No, you would want a dock as lavish as your watch.

Apple has released the official Apple Watch dock, which isn’t really special in terms of technology. It is just a simple dock with a lightning connector jutting out to charge your Apple Watch. You can put your Apple Watch in it in two positions. However, while not being remarkable technology-wise, it certainly embodies Apple’s design language, and has a nice, clean look that will fit right in with your Apple Watch.

Coming to the price, it costs $79, which may seem expensive for a dock for us commonfolk, but for those of you who bought a $17000 Apple Watch? Who needs cables, right?


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