Report: The Galaxy S7 may bring back the microSD card slot

Samsung Galaxy S7 may see the return of the microSD slot

Apple and Samsung together are the backbone of the smartphone industry. Samsung sells the most phones, and Apple pulls in the most revenue, and the rest are far behind, involved in a race to the bottom. 

Until very recently, Samsung was the antithesis to Apple. Apple’s phones were made from metal, had a unibody design, non-removable batteries and no expandable storage. Samsung’s phones, on the other hand, has a plastic body, fragmented design, removable batteries and a microSD card slot. Their very ideas of a smartphone clashed.

However, with the Galaxy S6, Samsung alienated its core userbase, and removed the microSD card slot and other things that users took for granted in a bid to appeal to more people.

Now rumors are stating that the Galaxy S7 would have a microSD card slot on the side, while maintaining the same unibody design of the Galaxy S6.

While the upper echelons of storage in Samsung smartphones won’t be used completely by most, this storage comes at a cost. Buying a 32GB smartphone and a 128GB microSD Card is much cheaper than buying a 128GB smartphone itself. Plus, since Android Marshmallow unified the storage, a microSD card is more useful than ever.

What do you think? Can Samsung weather the influx of lower-cost alternatives from players like OnePlus and Xiaomi?


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