Cortana makes landfall on iOS: Begins Beta-Testing

Windows Phone is a platform that has such little market-share that it doesn’t really do justice to the excellent features that it does have. Cortana, an amazing virtual-assistant is one of those features, and Microsoft, recognizing that Windows Phone is a lost cause, has been hard at work porting over Cortana to other platforms.

Cortana has already entered public-beta on Android, and now TechCrunch reports that iOS beta-testing has started, with the first round being limited to around 2000 participants.

Of course, since Cortana is not a native virtual assistant, it faces limitations on iOS, even more than it does on Android. It retains its personality, and can take notes, set reminders, etc. You can obtain information about the traffic, the weather, etc, and that’s about it as far as integration goes.

iOS’ closed off nature means that Cortana  won’t be functioning to its full potential on iOS, and the best experience is still only available on Windows Phone. What do you think? Can Cortana become popular on Android and iOS?


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