Report: Apple’s next iPhone may not have a headphone jack

Apple's next iPhone reportedly ditches the headphone jack

It was just a few months back that Apple released the iPhone 6s, and as usual, the rumor mill is already hard at work predicting features of the next iPhone.

As we all know (hopefully), Apple’s iPhones have a tick-tock cycle, where the models with ‘S’ in their names are meant for smaller upgrades, while those with just a number may incorporate bigger changes.

And MacOtakara is reporting that Apple’s next iPhone may have a change worthy of the number upgrade. And this change doesn’t really add anything, and in fact removes something we are all familiar with: The 3.5mm Audio Jack.

This is in a bid to make the iPhone 7 even more thinner. Headphones would then have to have a Lightning Jack to be compatible with the new iPhone. There isn’t much of a ecosystem around headphones with Lightning jacks, but if there’s one thing we have learned from Apple, it is that they are really good at creating ecosystems and leading change, for better or worse. They pioneered the smartphone industry, the tablet industry and even killed Flash and replaced it with more mobile-friendly standards. If there’s anyone who can force manufacturers to switch from the industry standard to a proprietary jack, it is Apple.

Now one must ask the question: Why is Apple pushing for change when none is required? Why do we have to sacrifice something just for more thinness, which may actually make the phone more susceptible to damage? Apple is following the industry trend of thinning smartphones more than required, sacrificing features along the way. Hey, it seems we would have a slab of glass by the time we are at the iPhone 10. It would do nothing, but it would definitely be thin!

What do you think?


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