Adobe’s Video Editor comes to Android


A few months ago, Adobe released Premiere Clip on iOS. Premiere Clip is a video-editing app, and while what it allows you to do is nothing special, the fact that you can perform edits on videos on the go was a gamechanger.

Although there were some video-editing apps already on iOS, they were not refined, and Premiere Clip was the first step towards a true video-editing app that sports integration with other Adobe apps.

However, Adobe promised that Android support was coming soon, and it has delivered, with the launch of Premiere Clip on Android.

It is identical to the iOS app in terms of functionality. Basically, that means you can move around clips, add background music, add basic visual effects and more. You can also let the app perform some automatic edits.

Video-Editing on phones was a long time coming, and now that it has finally arrived, what do you think?



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