Virtual Reality for everyone: With Google’s latest app, Android phones become VR cameras

Virtual Reality is coming, and it is coming in a big way. The big names in technology are interested in this new technology, and are investing in it. Virtual Reality is poised to be the next computer, the next smartphone, the next disruptive technology.

However, there has been progress in making VR Content accessible, thanks in no small part to Google, which pioneered the creation of the cheapest VR Headset, making VR content is still prohibitively expensive.

VR Headsets are expected to reach consumer’s shores by next year, and anyone with a smartphone can get a rudimentary but effective taste of Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard.

Now, Google is releasing Cardboard Camera on Android, which is an app that turns just about any smartphone into a VR Camera. You just have to move the phone around as if you are capturing a panorama, and Google’s software algorithms stitch them together and estimate the distance of objects to create a 3D image that is quite immersive.

In fact, the app can even record audio in conjunction with the 3D images, making it all even more immersive.

Google is continually working to make the app better, and has released it on Google Play. And considering Google’s history with cross-compatibility, we may see this app hitting iOS soon,

What do you think? Can this app bring VR Content creation capabilities to everyone?


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