Coleco comes back from the dead, and announces a new console

Coleco Chameleon

In most conversations around video-game consoles, you would see Sony and Microsoft’s names dropped in a lot, and to a lesser extent, Nintendo. But a few decades ago, when the console market hadn’t settled, there were several consoles on the market and there was lots of healthy competition.

Consoles from Nintendo, SEGA, Atari and many more were involved in a long drawn out war on pricing, graphical capabilities and of course, the games.

Of course, as any industry settles down, many companies are out of the picture, and Coleco is one such company. You may know of Atari, SEGA and Nintendo, but perhaps not Coleco, which released a few consoles that didn’t really prove to be a hit among consumers.

It went bankrupt in 1988, and was restablished in 2005, and now it is announcing a new console: The Coleco Chameleon. The Chameleon is a cartridge-based console that can handle upto 32 bit graphics.

Apparently, it would be compatible with older Coleco titles, and what’s more interesting is the fact that new games will be coming out for the Chameleon soon.

Coleco is taking this seriously, and is looking to capitalize on the increasing interest for retro-technology. The console would be released next year for an unannounced price. What do you think? Is the second time the charm for Coleco?


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