HTC stumbles upon break-through in Virtual Reality so big that it pushes back shipping dates

RumoredHTC Vive Retail headset

Product launches are difficult. Supply chains should be in place and should be functioning correctly, and the manufacturers and assemblers should meet deadlines. Then there are the quality checks and the certification tests, and only then does a product ship to consumers. But that’s not all when it comes to releasing new products. New products mean changes in production, and often these changes can result in flaws in the final product due to the entire process being new to the manufacturing companies.

Sometimes demand outstrips production, and so companies struggle to keep up.

This is why delays are so common with product launches, be it a small fledgling startup with its first product or a multinational conglomerate.

Delays are usually due to manufacturing issues, and they are rarely good, but it seems this time is the exception, because HTC has announced why they are pushing back the HTC Vive‘s shipping dates from December to April: They have stumbled upon a breakthrough so good that it is not worth releasing a product in December.

Rumored HTC Vive Retail controllers

Instead, they would announce the finished product at CES, and would launch it in April. We don’t know much about this breakthrough, but it sure will be big, since HTC is pushing back the launch of one of its most-hyped products. Some redditors have leaked images which was supposedly of the new VR Headset and Controller (Shown at the top of this article), and on the surface, we see many design refinements. But design refinements and small changes in the design are par for the course for product launches, and we think HTC is talking about some technical breakthrough that vastly improves the Virtual Reality experience.

What do you think? Ready for the year of Virtual Reality?


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