Google adds a Bubble Level feature to its Google Search App

Search "Bubble Level" On Google On Your Phone to Get a Working Level

In the early days of the Internet, online companies were focused on keeping you within their ecosystem, and so threw in everything and the kitchen sink in their websites, so that you never have to leave for anything. For example, AOL and Yahoo launched several services, so that all of their users’ needs were covered.

Now, we are seeing a resurgence of this trend, with Facebook acting in a similar way with initiatives like Instant Articles, and Google too has been trying to do the same. It added Shazam-esque music recognition to the app, and that’s just one of the many little additions that eliminate the need for downloading a third-party app.

Google has now updated its Search app, so if you search ‘Bubble Level’, you’ll get a working level. It relies on your phone’s accelerometer, and would tell you when you are level (or how far you are deviating).

Of course, it is not completely accurate, but it is reasonably close and works in a pinch. No more downloading suspicious third-party apps for seeing if you are level. You got Google to do that now. What do you think?


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