Google Glass is back: New FCC Filing shows foldable design

Innovation does not always mean success. The most fitting example for this is Google Glass, which was quite innovative when looking at it from a purely technological viewpoint. It offered a computer that was on you and in front of your eyes all the time.

But Google Glass wasn’t suitable for wearing all the time (due to its futuristic design, which didn’t fit in) and because Glass users had a camera that they could discreetly use at any time.

But Glass was never actually shelved. Nest’s Tony Fadell was handed the reigns to the Glass Project, and he took the Glass idea and iterated upon it. He did a pivot, and instead of selling Glass as a consumer product, he decided to sell Glass as a tool for businesses.

And now we are seeing where the Glass Project is heading, through a new FCC Filing. Glass now has a foldable, more portable design, making it more user-friendly. Inside, it would have an Intel Atom Processor and 5Ghz WiFi. The viewing area has also been increased, and Glass is now waterproof.

Overall, it is a marked improvement over the original Google Glass, and with a renewed focus on businesses, the Glass Project may see success after all. What do you think? Can Glass become an indispensable tool for enterprises?


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