Report: Apple is looking into OLED displays from Samsung and LG

When OLED displays came out, the quality was unremarkable and most manufacturers didn’t really focus on OLED displays. But Samsung and LG held on, and continued to invest in OLED technologies, and after many generations of improvement, OLED displays’ quality can be said to match or even surpass that of LCDs, while consuming much less power.

And now, according to a report by Reuters, Apple is in talks with the two companies for supplying OLED displays, which would get into iPhones by 2018.

According to Reuters, Apple has almost negotiated a deal with the two, but even at this point the deal may fall through. We won’t be seeing the fruits of this collaboration anytime soon anyways, because they’ll only make an appearance in 2018. What do you think? Fancy an iPhone with an OLED display?



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