Oculus delays Oculus Touch’s release to make it as great as possible

It’s 2016, and 2016 is poised to be the year of Virtual Reality, what with many Virtual Reality headsets, platforms, accessories, applications and games poised to release this year.

And Oculus, the company that started the revolution is also going to release its VR Headset this year. But the VR Headset is only one part of the equation, the other part is the Oculus Touch, which is a set of controllers for each hand for making motion in Virtual Reality seem more realistic and natural.

They were poised to release in mid-2016, but for making improvements to the Oculus Touch, the release date has been pushed back a few months.

Oculus says they are improving the ergonomics of the controllers and their sensitivity, and are also making various other small improvements, making this delay necessary for providing consumers with the best experience possible. Plus, Oculus is utilizing its supply chains to provide more development kits to developers, so that the system-selling content is there when the Oculus Rift hits. What do you think? Can Virtual Reality take off this year?


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