The Nintendo 3DS can now run Windows 95

Some days ago, some ingenious modders exploited a vulnerability in the PS4’s browser and gained access to the system, installing Linux on it. This was a huge step forward for the homebrew community, which is in a cat and mouse chase game with the companies that make these consoles.

And now, as another accomplishment to start of 2016 with, a person going by the name ‘Shutterbug2000’ over at GBATemp Forums has found a way to run Windows 95 on the New 3DS  (The new model, which was released in 2015 and is quite a bit faster).

Basically, he ported over DOSBox and with the help of a Windows 95 Image, anyone can run Windows 95 on the New 3DS. Of course, your 3DS should be homebrew-ready, meaning that you should use some exploit to enable the running of unsigned code. This does not work on the old 3DS, which runs out of memory during the process.

What do you think? Ready to relive the glory days on the go?


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