The Apple Watch gets its own small external battery pack

Whenever a business model proves to be successful, entrepreneurs rush in to replicate the same business model in other countries and other fields, cycling through companies to see where the business model fill fit in perfectly.

This perhaps rings the most true for the technology industry. When Google became a multibillion dollar behemoth, entrepreneurs in China set up Baidu and lo and behold, it is one of China’s leading online companies. When Uber became big, some local companies set up their own apps and dominated the local market.

And now, since battery packs seem to be the ideal accessory for smartphones, why not have battery packs for wearables? This is the proposition that Griffin is offering, with its latest battery pack for the Apple Watch. It fits on a keychain, and has a 800mAh battery, which can charge the Apple Watch to full three times.

It costs $70, and will start shipping to consumers in the second quarter of 2015. What do you think? Is such a concept even viable?


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