The Motorola Brand is going the way of the dodo

motorola logo-2

Motorola is the company that  brought us the mobile phone, and over the years it ventured into smartphones. It faced some success initially, but then was picked up by Google, and it released phones under the ‘Moto’ brand that were quite well received.

Then it was bought by Lenovo for reasons unknown. Motorola’s core business competes against Lenovo’s mobile business, and there’s no logical reason for buying Motorola. Of course, Motorola’s phones do sell well, and they rake in money, but since Motorola operates on thin margins, Lenovo is not getting much out of it.

But now, Motorola’s COO, Rick Osterloh has said that the Motorola brand will be phased out in favor of Lenovo’s own branding. Motorola itself is not dying, only the name is. However, there will still be one piece of Motorola alive in future phones: The ‘M’ symbol at the back.

Of course, Motorola would still design phones, but these phones will be integrated into the Lenovo branding. This is the same thing that happened to Nokia, whose name was removed from Lumia phones after it was acquired by Microsoft.

What do you think?

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