YouTube now supports HDR Videos


YouTube is the biggest video-sharing site in the world, and over the past year, it has been introducing support for new technologies, to keep up with the market and ensure that its users can upload videos however they are.

YouTube has already announced support for 4K and 8K videos, and for customers looking for a different experience, 360 degree videos are also supported.

And now, YouTube has announced support for HDR videos. HDR means High Dynamic Range, and HDR Videos show better color-reproduction, contrast and more compared to regular videos.

Of course, to view HDR videos, a HDR-compatible display is required, and this year, most 4K TVs are HDR capable. In fact, if you are buying a TV, it should be 4K HDR to remain future-proof, instead of just 4K or 1080p. What do you think?


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