Report: The HTC Vive may cost $1500

HTC Vive-14

Virtual Reality has been in the works for quite some time, and now, the future of this field is slowly becoming clearer.

The success of Virtual Reality depends on the price of the VR Headsets that are going to hit the market later this year, and if the products are priced too high, then that would surely be a barrier for VR Adoption.

Now, a few days ago, Oculus announced that its VR Headset will cost $599, which while reasonable considering the technology packed within the headset, some thought it was too high. But now, according to a report, HTC has one-upped Oculus with the price tag of its Vive VR Headset, which is expected to be $1500.

The bundle may be the full package, with the VR Headset, the motion sensors and motion controllers, but it is still prohibitively expensive,

HTC delayed the release of the Vive VR Headset to February 29, after they stumbled upon a breakthrough too good to leave out of the final product.

What do you think? Can the Vive succeed with this price tag?


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