Play anything from anywhere, with VLC’s new app for the Apple TV

VLC on the Apple TV will make your video playback easy.

When it comes to media-playback, VLC Player is the defacto savior against poor media players that come bundled in just about every operating system. Be it Windows Media Player, or Apple’s Video Player, VLC is the program that most people replace them with.

This is because VLC can play just about every file-format, from anywhere. Be it on a harddrive full of obscure format videos, or on a server in the next room, VLC supports everything, from Samba to UpnP to FTP (All these are file-transfer protocols).

And now, VLC has come to the Apple TV, saving us from the locked down nature of the default Apple TV video-player. Sway even slightly from the usual formats, and it won’t play on your spanking new Apple TV, except now, with the launch of the VLC Player.

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