Facebook’s algorithms will help make 360-degree videos stream faster

On the Internet, it seems seconds do matter. Many studies have found that a second or two delay can prompt a user to close an application or website, and that’s why all websites are optimizing themselves to ensure that they load as fast as possible.

And this is also true for video. Without compression algorithms, we would be staring at buffering bars forever, and we have to thank H.264 for making videos smaller in size while maintaining quality.

And now, Facebook has found a way to make 360 degree videos stream faster. It all lies in the encoding which Facebook will do using pyramid geometry. It involves keeping high-resolution frames at the base, while pushing lower quality ones to the top. For each resolution, there will be 30 different views of the pyramid, and for each view, there would be 5 different variations. Facebook then will dynamically detect your Internet speed and use the version that will take up the least bandwidth.

This is important because 360 degree videos have much more data than regular videos, and that’s why it would take a lot of time to load them. Facebook’s new encoding process makes it 10 times more faster.

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