Rumor: Apple is building a 4 inch iPhone with the specs of the iPhone 6

Phablets are all the rage right now. Smaller phones have almost disappeared, and this is quite interesting, as a few years ago, the phablet was nearly non-existent. Dell came out with the Streak, which had a 5 inch display in 2010. It never caught on. 

Now you have phones that are too big to actually be used as phones. 5 inch is commonplace, and anything less than that is rare.

And now, an image has leaked of the iPhone 5SE, which is a 4 inch iPhone that Apple is supposedly working on. It has the guts of the 6 in the 5s’ body, with minor design changes. The iPhone 5SE also has Live Photos.

If the photos are real, we may see an official announcement in the first half of 2016. What do you think?


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