Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S7 on February 21st

Samsung confirms February 21st unveiling for the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Mobile phone launches aren’t as exciting as they used to be. Before, thousands of people huddled together at company launch events, staying out for days to buy the next big thing.

This is because there are too many phone launches happening everyday across every price bracket. It seems everyone and their dog has started a smartphone company. But more importantly, the smartphone has been democratized and rate of development has stalled. There simply is no convincing reason to get a new smartphone unless your current one is spouting up problems. There are no exciting new features anymore.

That means the market growth has also slowed, and that is evident in the revenues of companies like Samsung. Not only has projected smartphone sales dropped, Samsung predicts its component business will also face less demand.

While Samsung tries to cope with the slowing market, it still has to get new phones out, and it has confirmed that it would be launching the Galaxy S7 on February 21. Now don’t expect any radical changes like the S6 brought. Many predict that it would be mostly identical design-wise with the S6 with the usual new chipset and some new features.

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