Report: Samsung is making a 360-degree Camera

Project Beyond

When any new and revolutionary technology hits the market, it is often prohibitively expensive, and it takes a few years for prices to come down to a level that is affordable to the average consumer.

But in most cases, when the technology is prohibitively expensive, it fails to garner up excitement and an ecosystem does not sprout around it, leading to it eventually fading. This means that if the technology is expensive, it should also be disruptive in order to overcome that pricing.

Virtual Reality is the new and revolutionary technology, and like expected, not only are the VR Headsets themselves expensive, so are the rigs needed to actually use them.

This is where mobile Virtual Reality fits in, since all you need is your smartphone to get a taste of Virtual Reality. The poor man’s VR Headset, if you will. And Samsung has been the proponent leading the charge, partnering with Oculus to give the slick Gear VR.

And now, it seems it is making a 360-degree Camera for you to make 360-degree videos to watch on your Gear VR Headset.

Exact specifications are not known, and the price is not known too. The only thing we know is that Samsung is going to price it competitively, and is going to try to get consumers a taste of mobile VR, which could be good for Virtual Reality itself in the long run.

What do you think?


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