You can now order an Uber with Alexa

When you first look at the Amazon Echo, you don’t know how it fits into your workflow. You don’t know how exactly it is going to be useful to you. But if you take a leap of faith and buy it, you see that its myriad of voice-commands offer a convenience that slowly grow on you, to  a point where you simply cannot live without them.

And Amazon is continually adding new features to Alexa. For instance, Alexa can now order an Uber. All you have to do is to link your acconts, and then say ‘Alexa, call me an Uber’. You can also say what sort of ride you want, and Alexa will understand it.

This is certainly a nifty feature, and while you may not understand the use of the Alexa, the convenience to do things with your voice is simply unparalleled. What do you think?


What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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