Some USB Type-C Cables can fry your device

Cheap USB-C Cables Could Kill Your Phone or Laptop

Whenever a new technology reaches the consumer market, the market is a mess for the first few months. There’s no proper regulation around the new technology, and it is a wild-west horizon where basic safety standards are tossed out.

And this is the case for USB Type-C, which is slowly picking up steam. But all Type-C cables are not made equal, and that is why cheaper cables are damaging devices.

In fact, a Googler’s Chromebook Pixel was fried mere seconds after he plugged a cheap USB Type-C cable into it. Of course, we are talking about regular ol’ USB Type A to USB Type C cables, which is where the problem lies.

USB Type C is made to draw power and power devices. USB Type A is not meant for that task. So the intermediary, the cable should be built in a specific way in order for safe usage.

But most cables on the market don’t follow these standards, and almost certainly can damage your devices. The market needs to be purged of these lower quality cables and consumers should be more wary when buying cheap cables.

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