You can now get a Oculus-Ready PC Bundle for $1500

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We are finally on the last mile on the journey towards Virtual Reality, and with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive nearing their release dates, Virtual Reality seems closer than ever.

Of course, the first phase of every technology is prohibitively expensive, and Virtual Reality is no different. The Oculus Rift itself would cost $599,  and a PC compatible with the Oculus Rift costs nearly $1000.

To make the task a bit easier, Oculus has announced that it is launching Oculus-Ready bundles from Alienware, ASUS, etc that will bundle a PC that is powerful enough to drive the Oculus Rift with an Oculus Rift itself. The bundles start at $1500.

In this way, you’ll be getting everything you need in one nice package. What do you think?


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