Don’t throw away that box, it may be a VR Viewer

The smartphone industry has largely stagnated over the past few years (So much that the view that the smartphone industry has stagnated has stagnated), with increasingly iterative updates and no major overhauls.

We are stuck in a cycle of spec-updates, and the smartphone market is fully saturated in developed countries. The smartphone has become ubiquitous.

In fact, innovation is at such a low, that a phone’s box is more innovative than the phone itself. You usually throw away phone boxes, but not with Alcatel’s OneTouch Idol 4S.

According to VentureBeat, the phone will have a box that also serves as a VR viewer. Basically, you slot in your smartphone, and with the help of some lenses and the Google Cardboard app, you have got yourself a cheap VR Viewer.

It is still just a simple trick, but it sure makes the box much more interesting. You wouldn’t be throwing away the box now, would you?


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