Gamestop CEO says Playstation VR delayed to second half of 2015

It used to be that companies could keep what they were working on a secret. But this was in an era when companies controlled their supply chains and had their own factories.

Now, with the advent of globalization, there is a global supply chain, and companies use independent partners to facilitate the manufacturing and distribution of their products. WIth such large networks, leaks are bound to take place, and unsurprisingly, most rumors originate from these supply chains.

In a similar manner, Gamestop’s CEO has revealed that they’ll be stocking Sony’s Playstation VR in the second half of 2016, rather than the first half as originally promised.

Of course, this could mean that only Gamestop is getting its stock late, but that is unlikely considering that Gamestop is PS VR’s biggest distribution partner, so delaying stock would do no good for Sony.

What do you think?


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