The consumer edition of the HTC Vive will cost you $799

HTC Vive

This is the year Virtual Reality is supposed to take us by storm, and it starts right here right now. Oculus has already begun pre-orders, and got more than it anticipated, and now, HTC is going to begin pre-orders for the HTC Vive, which is expected to be Oculus’ primary competitor.

The HTC Vive would cost $799 for a package that will include the Vive itself (duh), two motion -controllers, and two base-stations for tracking the controllers accurately. That’s the hardware. Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption will be the two free games included  in the package.

The Vive features design-improvements, making it more snug and comfortable, while the base-stations are smaller and more manageable. Plus, the Vive includes a microphone now, enabling you to take calls and view notifications while wearing the Vive.

Now the Vive may seem expensive, and the Oculus may look like the better deal, but considering the fact that you are getting much more accurate motion-controllers than the Oculus at the same price (of the Rift and its Touch controllers), it seems justified.

Of course, you would also need a GTX 970 or an R9 280 GPU along with an i5 CPU or equivalent for powering the HTC Vive. Since Virtual Reality needs to push lots of frames at high-resolutions, the barrier is set relatively high.

Now pre-orders begin on February 29th, with units being shipped in April. What do you think?


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