The original Popcorn Time is back

Popcorn Time 'Officially' Announces Its Return

Netflix often claims that people will pay for convenience, and that they will leave piracy for Netflix’s ease of use and extensive catalog. And it certainly is right, with piracy rates being the lowest they have been in years.

But when piracy itself becomes convenient, then it becomes a huge problem for the copyright holders. And Popcorn Time brought exactly that: Convenience to piracy, which is why it became quite popular across the globe, and starting attracting the attention of the people who own this content.

The original Popcorn Time was shut down after its creators were hit with a MPAA lawsuit, but the service itself could not be shut-down because it was open-source, and many used the code to launch their own clones.

But now, the creators of the original Popcorn Time are relaunching it, with  a few tweaks to the concept. First of all, the domain has changed from to But Popcorn Time’s team has split into two, one working on Butter, which is a version of Popcorn Time that offers only legal content, while another works on the Popcorn Time we all know and love: The unfiltered one. The second team will be mainly focused on keeping Popcorn Time alive, and has distanced itself from any monetary benefit by removing all donation buttons from the site. Popcorn Time announced the news with a post titled ‘Hail Hydra’, and like the mythical Greek beast, Popcorn Time has come back with two heads after getting slayed by the MPAA

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