The Echo Dot: Convert any Bluetooth Speaker into an AI Assistant

Amazon Echo's Brain Is Finally in Gadgets I Actually Want to Use

Amazon has a knack for making weird concepts a success. The ideas that would usually be thought to not work are executed in such a way by Amazon that they catch on. For instance, the Kindle. Who would have thought that a single-purpose reading device would become the phenomenon it is now?

And then came the Amazon Echo, an okayish Bluetooth Speaker that was also smart. It proved to be really popular, even with its high price. But that was just the beginning. Amazon wanted Alexa, the AI Assistant of the Echo to be everywhere, so it opened up the API for developers.

Now, Amazon is launching the Echo Dot, which allows you to turn any Bluetooth Speaker into an Amazon Echo. The Dot is a small  hockey puck shaped device that can connect to Bluetooth Speakers, making them smart.

It costs $89, but to order it you must be an Amazon Prime Member and you should already own an Amazon Echo. The original Echo proved to be successful despite similar hurdles, will the Dot do too?


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