Sony has discontinued the Vita TV in Japan, Europe and North America

Sony Is Killing the PlayStation TV in Japan

The PS Vita is a device that was born at a time when mobile-gaming was picking up steam. It was priced too high, and had too few games, and didn’t make a splash, which almost sealed its fate. 

Its competitor, the 3DS did struggle in its early years but with a slew of excellent games, it soon started dominating the charts. The Vit, on the other end, was left stagnating with no first party support, no major games in the pipeline and a small userbase. But then it experienced a resurgence, fueled by Indies and JRPGs, and it became the machine to play these games on the go. This, plus its nifty remote play features have helped it to stay alive.

But the Vita TV, a poorly planned device that could play Vita games was doomed from the start. First of all, it played only the games that the Vita could play, and that was a bad decision since Vita doesn’t have many exclusives, and most of its games were available on other platforms. It was a clunky experience too, with it not translating smoothly to the TV. Its other USP was Remote Play, i.e the convenience of playing your PS4 games on any TV. But it was crippled with poor WiFi hardware.

The Vita TV essentially had no use for consumers, and its cheap price was not enough to overcome its various faults.

And now, Sony has discontinued the Vita TV in Japan. It had already stopped shipping the Vita TV to Europe and America. Asia is the only region which still gets the Vita TV.

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