Google releases Android N Developer Preview before Google I/O 2016

Android used to be really laggy, buggy and slow, and was never really reliable till Google decided to get off its laurels and turn Android into a stable and fast operating system.

It started with Project Butter in Jelly Bean, providing a huge performance boost, then it changed up the interface in Android Lollipop to make it more cleaner. Of course, till Lollipop, manufacturers would take ages to release new updates, if ever. And so Lollipop was released as a developer preview months before the official launch, so that the waiting period was shorter.

Android M improved the  battery-management features and while we wait for Google to announce the next version of Android, it has already released the Android N Developer Preview. The objective of this Preview is to receive user-feedback, squash bugs and help speed up the update process.

Android N is no small update, with many new features. One of the most anticipated is split-screen multitasking. Phones and Tablets can multitask, with it being a top-bottom split for the former and a left-right split for the latter. The support is not built-in, and developers have to code in support in their apps.

There is also a Picture in Picture mode in Android N, meaning that you can continue watching videos in an overlay over any application.

Android Doze, the battery-efficiency improving system introduced in Marshmallow now also works when the screen is off, not only when the device is in Sleep mode.

Finally, there are some interface changes, with multiple notifications from an app grouped into one expandable notification. The new panel allows you to write a reply from the notification panel itself, which is a useful feature.

There are other little tweaks here and there, but overall, these are the major changes. Of course, these may change since Android N is not in a finalized state, and we would know the full breadth of features only at Google I/O.

The developer preview can be downloaded on the Nexus 5X, the 6P, the Nexus , the Nexus 6 and the Pixel either as an OTA update from here or as an installable image here.

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