Android N makes the dreary ‘Optimizing Apps’ popup fly by

After waiting minutes for your phone to update, you reboot your phone only to see it stuck on an ‘Optimizing Apps’ screen. If you have many apps, then you are stuck on it for several minutes. While it may seem like a small inconvenience you have to suffer only once or twice, for the adventrous ones who install ROMs on their phones, it gets irritating to see the phone being stuck on the popup every time a ROM is flashed.

But with Android N, the ART compiler has improved so much that the popup box lasts mere seconds, which is a massive improvement from the several minutes you had to wait before.

It is all due to the new JIT feature which makes it possible. Android used to use the Dalvik Runtime, which never posed this problem, but then ART came along and it gave great performance and battery-life in exchange for longer-install times and this dreary popup. But now, Android N has made ART much more faster, and so it is just a hair slower than Dalvik when it comes to app-installation.

What do you think?


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