SNES games are coming to the New 3DS

In the early days of video-games, there were several consoles on the market, and choosing one was not easy. Consoles seemed to come every day, and many died quickly, so getting your money’s worth was difficult.

Now, only three companies are left making consoles: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, and in a way it is much easier to choose between them, considering that most games come to all platforms (Excluding Nintendo’s, of course).

Those who want to replay those old games rely on emulators to get their retro-fix, but Nintendo has been able to capitalize on these old games through its Virtual Console service. Curiously, even as many are willing to pay for these games, Nintendo hasn’t been too eager to put these games on the Virtual Console.

Now, Nintendo has announced that one of the most required Virtual Console additions, SNES games, is finally coming to the 3DS, albeit only the N3DS variants.

Nintendo claims that the old 3DS can’t emulate these games, but the homebrew community has been able to emulate 3DS games on both the old and the New 3DS.

In any case, Super Mario World and a few other games are already on the Virtual Console, with Nintendo promising to add to the library soon.

What do you think?


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