Steam now allows you to play your games in your dream setup

SteamVR Desktop Theater mode will let you play your games library in VR

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Virtual Reality is picking up pace, and while it won’t be mainstream anytime soon, this is the most crucial time for Virtual Reality. Developers should have compelling content ready for when the mainstream consumers start adopting virtual-reality.

The crux of the success of any new technology lies on its uses, and only with great content can VR succeed. And now, Valve has announced a new SteamVR mode that allows the Vive and other compatible headsets to play any game in your library, but in a virtual dream-room of sorts, with a large screen to play your games on.

This surely would be quite useful, and would help you use your new VR Headset till there is an explosion of native VR content. However, while it does sound great on paper, there are some limitations to current VR Technology which may hamper the experience. For instance, Virtual Reality headsets don’t have a resolution high enough to support 1080p displays in VR.

In any case, this is quite exciting and makes VR even more viable. What do you think?


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