Sony announces PS VR price and release date


The Rift and the Vive  are the VR Headsets that everyone is paying attention to, but the fact is that they are too expensive, and won’t be in the hands of the average Joe anytime soon.

But over 35 million people own a PS4, and Sony has the Playstation VR. If the PS VR manages to even grab a small percentage of the large install-base, it would be more successful than its competitors.

The only thing that could hold it back is the price, and now, at GDC 2016, Sony has delivered on the dream of an affordable but capable VR Headset.

It has announced that the PS VR will cost $399 and would launch in October. The Move controllers and the Camera won’t be included in the box. Speaking of the box, it would contain the PS VR itself, the necessary cables, headphones and a small device that looks like a mini-PS4. This device would do the job  of frame-reprojection and providing accurate spatial audio.

The Playroom would be included for free, and as for developer support, 50 games would be available for the PS VR this year, while over 230 games are being worked on.

With its large install-base and much cheaper price, Sony has a great opportunity to conquer the VR Market.

What do you think?


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