Stick a Desktop Graphics Card in your Laptop with the Razer Core

Gaming Laptops have always been a bit of an odd lot: In the beginning, they were too large to be called a laptop, and over the years they have evolved from heavily accentuated monsters to slick ultrabooks.

But one thing has remained true all along: Gaming Laptops are much more weaker than Desktops graphically while costing much more. You could pop in a high-end graphics card for less than the price you would pay for a gaming laptop with a inferior GPU.

Now, Razer has unveiled the perfect compromise: The Core. It is basically an external-enclosure that supports full-length Desktop graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA. This means that when you are at your desk, you could plug in the Core and significantly improve your  laptop’s gaming mettle.

The enclosure connects via Thunderbolt USB Type-C, and is compatible with non-Razer laptops. This standard has finally made external-graphics viable. It has four USB 3.0 ports, an ethernet port and a 500 W PSU to power it. While the enclosure itself isn’t very portable, it enables you to have a thin and light laptop without compromising on your gaming experience.

It costs $499, which may be a dealbreaker, since it is just an enclosure and you need a graphics card to actually make use of it. What do you think?


What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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