In landmark move, Microsoft now supports Bash commands and Ubuntu binaries

Over the past two years under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has exhibited a change not only in its products but in the company culture itself. It has changed from a PC-driven steadfast company to a company with more diverse income streams that is willing to move faster.

Just a few years ago, Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer used to take shots at Linux, and now, under the new Microsoft, there has been increasing collaboration between the two.

Now, in a landmark move, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10’s next update would include the Linux terminal, and would also add support for running Ubuntu binaries. Microsoft has partnered with Canonical (the creators of Ubuntu) to facilitate this.

While this won’t benefit the average Joe, it certainly exemplifies Microsoft’s changed attitude towards its competitors. Microsoft is focusing more on being on every platform and increasing cross-platform collaboration rather than putting all its eggs in one basket and closely guarding its software by making them exclusive to Windows.

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