Microsoft’s infamous BSOD get a tech upgrade with QR codes

We have all been there. You are working on a project, or just browsing the web, when your screen goes all blue with some esoteric error code. You don’t understand anything, except that you have got a Blue Screen of Death. You then have to go with the dreary task of restarting your computer, and if it boots up fine, you forget about the error happening in the first place, and make no attempts to fix it. 

This is exactly the kind of situation Microsoft is trying to prevent with its latest addition to error pages. You no longer only get esoteric codes, you also get a QR code, which  you can scan with your smartphone to be directed to a helppage detailing what the error means and how to fix it.

This could prove to be really helpful for Windows users who aren’t tech savvy. It also proves just how commited Microsoft is to making Windows  into a continually upgraded operating system rather than an operating system that is upgraded every few years. Microsoft has recognized that it needs to move quick and have a shorter upgrade cycle, similar to the yearly upgrade cycle of smartphone operating systems. It enables it to be more agile, and its users in turn are also benefited. They receive new features and new updates continually, so it is a win win situation both for Microsoft and for its users.

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