Windows 10 becomes the most popular OS for PC Gamers

Windows 10 proves most popular with PC gamers – at least on Steam

Of late, Microsoft has been getting into trouble for pushing down the Windows 10 update onto Windows 7 and 8 users who have no intention to update. It preloaded the update onto computers even if you didn’t ask for it. And for a brief period, Window 10 was automatically installed, making users even more furious.

But this free update from Microsoft for Windows 10 and 8 users did enable it to become massively popular. In fact, Windows 10 has perhaps the fastest adoption of any Windows operating system till date.

And now, according to Steam, about 37% of its users are using Windows 10 to access it, which gives us an idea about the adoption. Windows 10 has many new features, and one great feature for gaming is Direct X 12, which enables games to get lower level access and thus perform better.

Microsoft’s endgame is to get as many users on Windows 10 as possible, and make older operating systems obsolete. Windows 10 will be kept alive through constant frequent refreshes.

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