Windows 95 comes to the Apple Watch

The smartwatch hobbyist community has been somewhat obsessed with tweaking their smartwatches to install impractical stuff that just looks cool. Just look at the history of smartwatch hacks: PS1 Emulators, Doom and more. 

You can’t possibly expect to control these applications with any semblance of accuracy, but it is not the fact that you can use these applications that makes them notable. It is the fact that you can run these applications on a watch that makes these so notable.

And following the trend of completely impractical but really cool smartwatch applications, Nick Lee, an aspiring developer has found a way to run  Windows 95 on the Apple Watch.

He uses a Bosch Emulator, which is commonly used in the hobbyist community to, you guess it, install Windows 95 on devices. Nick Lee of course couldn’t just slap on Bosch and a Windows 95 image and call it a day. He had to find a workaround to Apple’s closed garden, and he found it in Watchkit. He modified the app to run his own code, opened Boschs and started up Windows 95. It took an entire hour just to boot the whole thing up. It is wonderfully impractical: You can choose between the unapologetically slow system, or the tiny touch-screen with even tinier icons. Have your pick, because either way having a full-blown operating system on a watch never fails to amaze us. To think, just a few decades ago, we needed a big honkin’ PC to run it. And now, we have all that on our wrist.

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